Company Overview

Laizhou Guoliang Packing Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, we are a supplier focusing on the packaging of fruit, fresh meat and fish, dried fruit and other products, committed to providing solutions for the global packaging industry

After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, the products of laizhou Guoliang packing products Co., LTD are widely acclaimed overseas. In the field of ordinary plastic packaging products, we have a mature and reliable production line and manufacturing technology. At the same time in the field of degradable environmental protection packaging products, we has a strong scientific research ability and innovative products.
Laizhou Guoliang packing Products Co.Ltd now conforms to the global trend of environmental protection, specializing in the development, production and sales of biodegradable products, with up to 500 sets of product molds covering the full sizes.


The biodegradable products of Laizhou Guoliang Packing Products Co.Ltd are used in many fields, such as fruit packaging, fresh meat and fish packaging, takeaway meal boxes, dried fruit packaging and so on. Many products and technologies are independently developed and produced, and have obtained the corresponding product patents, and have FDA,SGS certification.

Looking forward to the future, Laizhou Guoliang Packing Products Co., Ltd. will adhere to the industry breakthrough as the leading development strategy, constantly strengthen technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation and strive to become a leader in the degradable packaging industry.