Paper packaging will become mainstream

Fresh fruit is always popular with people all over the world, so different ways of packaging fruit come into being one after another.
But most fruit packaging products in the current market are plastic products, lack of respect for environmental protection.
With the severe situation of environmental protection and the prohibition of plastics in various countries, our paper fruit tray will become the mainstream of fruit packaging products in the future.

No Pollution BiodegradablePure Wood Kraft Paper Fruit Tray for Packing Apple Kiwi Avocado

Compared with the traditional plastic PP fruit tray, paper fruit tray is completely pollution-free. It is made of pure wood pulp paper, which is clean and environmentally friendly.
Because it is pure wood pulp paper, so the raw material mainly comes from the forest. All raw materials are legally sourced, not felled.
There are many other products on the market, such as composite pulp tray, but this kind of material can’t compared with paper tray, because synthetic pulp tray is produced by a variety of other types of paper, mixed with regeneration recycle or used raw materials, it is more suitable for carton, etc., are not entirely suitable for packing of fruit.

The production of paper fruit tray is completed by our independent research and development of production equipment, through printing, drying, molding, cutting and other links.
Our paper fruit tray coverS a wide range of sizes such as 30* 40cm, 40* 60cm, 41* 33cm and can be used to pack a wide variety of fruits such as apples, pears, kiwis, avocados and more.

Our paper tray can be used not only to pack fruit, but also as a cushion. Our double layer paper tray has a good cushioning function, which can effectively prevent the extrusion between fruits, or the breaking of hard objects such as wine bottles.

guoliang 1

We reprocess the raw materials left over from the production of paper fruit trays into paper strips. They can be used in the lining of gift boxes for cushioning and decoration

guoliang 3
Plastic waste pollution, especially the pollution caused by excessive consumption of plastic products, has aroused global concern. Plastic products, especially packaging products, are in the majority. By not being properly disposed of, these plastics are not only bringing us convenience, but also gradually taxing the earth’s environment.

Plastic has been widely used in all walks of life, such as agriculture, packaging, daily necessities and many other fields, for its good processing performance, performance and cost advantages, and has become an indispensable and important material. Faced with huge market demand, it is necessary to replace it with new environmentally friendly products. In view of the current situation, biodegradable materials and paper packaging materials are the best substitutes.

Post time: Jan-12-2022