Pre-sale service

1. Laizhou Guoliang Packing Products Co., Ltd. provides you with a full visual service system to ensure that you can monitor your orders at any time, from production to shipment, under your control.
2. The product has reliability test, high temperature test, never add waste material, first-class quality.
3. Professional staff will answer all your questions
4. We support you to carry out offline factory inspection, online factory inspection and third-party factory inspection

After-sales service

1. If any problem is found after receiving the goods, we support seven-day refund without any reason. All our machinery and equipment are guaranteed for one year
2. Complete product instruction manual, professional and technical personnel to give you timely and comprehensive online and offline guidance
3. Provide you with all the certificates required for import of products free of charge
4. Provide you with all the documents required for customs clearance free of charge
5.After becoming our customer, we will always provide you with free samples