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Transparent PET Material Plastic Container with Tamper Resistant Hinged for Packing Snacks Fruit Cakes

Product Name PET Plastic Clear Tamper Resistant Hinged Food Container with Flat Lid
Product Color transparent
Product Size 144x130x67mm 139.33mm x88.9mm

We also accept custom-made size

Product Weight 22g 23g.ect
Product Capacity 16OZ 32OZ48OZ. etc
Product Application for dried fruit, snacks, dry food, preserved fruit, cake etc packaging. 


1. transparent PET Containers with safe seal for Tamper-Resistant

2. Tamper Hinge protrudes outward when torn, alerting that the container has been opened.

3.Leak-Resistant Seal helps the container to keep the things inside for maximum freshness and prevents leaks

4.Clear plastic containers provide a positive way to present food, while also providing a clear view of the contents.




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