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Wax Coated Pure Wood Waterproof Single Layer or Double Layer Fruit Growing Mango Guava Growing Bag

Size 21x27cm 20x30cm 20x30cm
Fruit Guava Mango Mango
Material 38g 40g 42g 45g white pure wood paper

(single layer)

52g wax coated pure wood outer paper 32g both side shinning carbon inner paper 38g 40g 42g 45g white pure wood paper

(single layer)

Packing 4000pcs/woven bag 2500pcs/woven bag 3000pcs/woven bag
Logo Custom-made logo with single color
We also have other bags for fruit : mango, guava,pomegranate, apple,pear,banana and so on
We can customer all the sizes for you 


1. To cut down the costs of cultivation and get the fruits without any insecticide.

2. To decrease the damages cause by rain, strong wind and falling of fruit.

3. To protect fruit from birds, animals, fruit flies, insects, sunburn, etc.

4. To prevent fruit and plant diseases or pests.

5. To improve the colors of fruits.

6. To regulate fruits mature periods.

7. To increase sugar preserved in fruits.

8. To increase the income of farmers and improve the economic conditions of village.

9. To prevent environment, pesticides pollution and insecticides pollution.



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